Agents of Rome

agents of rome book series

Author Nick Brown wrote the “Agents of Rome Book Series” series of historical novels. The publication of the series began in 2011, when “The Seas” was released. The series features an intelligence officer named Cassius Corbelo, who has completed his officer training for the first time. He is aided by Simo, his loyal servant, and …

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Abe Lieberman

abe lieberman series in order

Kaminski is a great writer and guru and has proven his worth through his great work. Kaminski used Abe Lieberman as the main character in his abe lieberman series in order and built a mysterious story around him. Liberman faces characterless challenges in the series and has to solve them. According to a police officer, …

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Acts of Faith

acts of faith book series

Acts of Faith book series in order is a series of Christian fiction novels written by Davis Boon and Janet Okey. Janet Oke is a heart for the Bible. And as a storyteller, she has always aspired to rewrite the stories of the Bible in the perspective of female characters. Her wish was finally fulfilled …

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Age of Dawn

age of dawn series in order

Everett Martins was born and raised in Hampshire, an area where they draw on all their exciting experiences. Martin loves reading novels and playing roles. During his childhood years, Martins was an avid reader who enjoyed reading during his spare time. His love for reading gave him some short stories and age of dawn series …

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Gray Man

Gray Man Books in Order

The Court Gentry series follows the life of CIA’s former operative and deadly murderer, Court Gentry AKA The Gray Man, as he attempts to make a living for himself as a hitman. Best Gray Man Books in Order Court Gentry grows up with a father who works as a SWAT team instructor and who is …

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dexter books in order

The series was published in the year 2004 and was called as darkly dreaming dexter books in order. This is a suspense novel written by Jeff Lindsay and Dexter is the main character of this series. In this article we will talk about the character Dexter Morgan, the series darkly dreaming Dexter and in addition …

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Clive Cussler

Clive Cussler books in order

You probably know him if you are one of those who like to read adventure books. Clive Cussler is one of those well-known writer who is known for writing adventure novels and is known as grand master of adventure.  Here in this article we will provide you a brief Guide about Clive Cussler and in …

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Mitford books in order

In this article we will talk about Mitford books in order. This is a series of book which is written by American novelist Jan Karon. Stories are based on fictional town Mitford which is located in North Carolina. All the books are based upon fictional stories and all the stories around Mitford. We will talk …

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